Living in Orange County is truly a mixed blessing. The high quality of life and year-round sunny and mild climate are rejuvenating and encourage people to spend a lot of time outdoors. That same climate can cause a lot of skin damage due to the sun and air pollution, which coupled with time and stress, leads to early aging. That is why Dr. Tavoussi, an expert cosmetic surgeon in face procedures, opened a clinic in Newport Beach, Orange County that offers a full array of the facelift and facial sculpting procedures designed to meet every facial beauty need.

Traditional Cosmetic Facelift Surgery

The traditional surgical facelift remains one of the top options for improving the appearance because it is long-lasting and can correct a variety of issues from sagging skin to wrinkles. The full Orange County facelift and neck lift can remove deep wrinkles, sagging cheeks and jowls, neck folds and much more. This option is particularly popular with women who are interested in turning back the clock on the long-term impact of hormonal imbalances, sun damage, aging and skin damaging habits like smoking or following a nutrient-deficient diet. Dr. Tavoussi also works with patients who have experienced a disfiguring event, such as an auto accident or sports injury, and need a complete facial reconstruction.

Explore the Wide Array of Options

The surgical facelift and neck lift performed together are only one option. Sometimes a full facelift and neck lift are not needed or desired, so the OC Facelift clinic offers a wide range of options, including the Mini Facelift alternative. The Mini Facelift, designed for patients in the early stages of aging, lifts the jowls and neck areas, takes less time to heal, and is less expensive than a full facelift and neck lift. Other procedural options include scar revision, neck liposuction, mid facelift, mentoplasty (chin reconstruction), forehead life, facial implants, blepharoplasty (eyelid procedure), otoplasty (ear reshaping, lip augmentation, and facial fat grafting.

The Best Procedures For Each Patient

Working in consultation with Dr. Tavoussi and his experienced Cosmetic Consultant, Rosie Ayala, each patient chooses the exact procedures that work alone or together to enhance the appearance. Dr. Tavoussi’s extensive experience with all facets of facelifts and facial reshaping means patients get the benefit of a broad perspective on what is required to maintain natural beauty while keeping all facial components in balance. The proper blending of complementary facial procedures is important to ensuring the final results are natural looking and appearance enhancing.

Are you ready to find the natural ‘you’ once again? If so, the OC Facelift clinic in Newport Beach invites you to schedule an appointment to discuss how we can help you look as great as you feel.