Facial wrinkles are often present on the the forehead and above the eyebrows and are also the first signs of aging. The effects of age are attributable to many factors such as genetics, lifestyle, and other environmental stimuli and they can play an important role in how people perceive age. As time progresses, forehead wrinkles develop and the eyebrows begin to sag. Heaviness and sagging of the forehead or eyebrows can give patients a tired and haggard appearance.

A descending forehead and upper brow complex can also cause the upper eyelid to appear heavy, adding to a person’s aged look. Many forehead and brow lift techniques, favored in Newport Beach, Orange County, seek to improve a patient’s look by elevating the eyebrows to rejuvenate the eyes, improving the hooding of the upper eyelids, and decreasing the appearance of persistent forehead wrinkles.

Dr. Tavoussi utilizes a collection of techniques towards achieving forehead and eyebrow rejuvenation. They use state-of-the-art surgical instruments, such as endoscopes, to perform these procedures. Basically, an endoscope is a small operating “telescope” that allows Dr. Tavoussi to operate on complex areas through tiny incisions. The Endoscopic Forehead and Brow lift procedure can be performed through five small incisions hidden behind the hairline.

Forehead Lift Primary Goal

The primary goal of a forehead and brow lift is to restore the natural position of a sagging forehead and eyebrows while smoothing forehead wrinkles. Other goals of this procedure are to eliminate the appearance of age and fatigue caused by the drooping of the forehead and eyebrows and to rejuvenate the forehead.

Depending on patient preference, anesthesia is usually administered either by intravenous sedation or by general anesthesia. A forehead and brow lift procedure usually takes between one and two hours to perform, depending upon the type of lift. The procedures are performed in a fully accredited outpatient surgery center in Orange County. In order to restore facial symmetry, a forehead lift may be combined with other procedures such as a Blepharoplasty (Eyelift), Mid-face Lift, Laser Resurfacing, Chemical Peel, or Facial Fat Grafting. Combining procedures can not only enhance the overall result of the cosmetic surgery, but can also drastically reduce recovery time.

Forehead Lift Recovery

Recovery from a forehead or brow lift is relatively straightforward. Most patients are sent home the night after surgery. In order to facilitate a complete recovery, patients are provided with a comprehensive set of post-operative instructions to follow. Overnight stays at the surgical facility are extremely rare, but can be provided if complications arise or at the patient’s request. Follow-ups generally involve next-day check-ups for removal of any drains and to monitor recovery. Follow-ups are then scheduled for a week after the procedure to remove any stitches.

While each patient is different, typical recovery times range from seven to fourteen days. Patients may resume normal work routines in as early as one week. However, strenuous activity should be avoided for two weeks after the procedure. While there will be inevitable bruising and swelling, they generally subside after two weeks. Many patients report varying degrees of temporary numbness due to stretching of the sensory nerves in the forehead. Post-operative pain is usually mild and easily controlled with prescription pain medications or over-the-counter pain relievers.