The face is the most prominent feature of an individual’s physical appearance. It is a person’s initial presentation to society and it is not surprising to find that more and more people are turning to long-lasting cosmetic procedures that can enhance existing facial features. With the emphasis that is placed on aesthetic appearance in modern society, many people are going to great lengths to do whatever it takes to look great.

One of the features that an increasing number of people are unhappy with is the appearance of their chin. Mentoplasty is the surgical procedure that involves the reconstruction of the chin.

Primary complaints from patients either include an overly prominent or recessive jaw line. Mentoplasty, a frequently performed procedure in the Orange County area, is specifically designed to change the appearance of the chin to achieve a balanced, more aesthetically pleasing face.

Each patient has their own preference when it comes to deciding on attractiveness. Regardless of these preferential differences, there are generally-accepted aesthetic standards concerning profiles that are dictated by the angle or contour of the chin. Females seem to have a softer profile, whereas men usually gravitate toward a more geometric jaw contour. The difference between the male and female chin is very distinct and there are standards that Dr. Tavoussi uses as aesthetic norms.

Mentoplasty Procedure

The procedure itself typically starts by creating an incision inside the mouth. This incision is particularly important because it prevents detectable external scarring on the mouth. Although an external incision is certainly possible, an internal incision is preferred so that the individual can discreetly recover. In order to balance the face from an overarching perspective, chin surgery is often performed in conjunction with other cosmetic procedures such as rhinoplasty, but it can also be accomplished as a standalone procedure. It is widely accepted that mentoplasty should be done alongside rhinoplasty because of the overall proportional appearance that is often achieved.