Many anatomical areas of the body can become misshapen either by injury or birth defects. More often than not, these types of anatomical irregularities are a source of stress for adults, teens, and even children. Otoplasty, also known as ear reshaping, is designed to correct these problems with the ears in both children and adults. This particular procedure, frequently practiced in Newport Beach, Orange County of Southern California, aims to reform, position, or proportion the ear’s tissues and soft cartilages.

Otoplasty Surgical Options

While there are numerous surgical options that are used to correct ear protrusion, the selection of procedures is based on Dr. Tavoussi’s clinical experience as well as the root cause of the problem. When dealing with children, it is strongly encouraged that the otoplasty is done before the child begins school to avoid peer teasing and ridicule. Studies have shown that being ostracized by a peer group during formative development can adversely affect a child’s self-esteem.

Under current practices, there are several ways the ear can be reshaped. The first involves the removal of cartilage, which acts as the main structural component of the ear. Another ear reshaping technique involves a process of folding and stitching cartilage so that the skin is efficiently excised. In either scenario, Dr. Tavoussi will begin by making a small incision behind the ear, thus allowing access to the cartilage underneath. Once the surgery has been completed, the site of the incision will most likely be secured with stitches.

Otoplasty Recovery

During recovery, patients are required to wear a bandage for a minimum of three days. Dr. Tavoussi will provide specific instruction on how long it will be required to wear it and how to best manage it during sleep hours. When the first bandage is removed by the doctor, the patient will be fitted with a headband-type dressing and the stitches will be removed after about a week. While scars will become present at the incision site upon the removal of the stitches, they will fade over the course of the recovery and will likely become unnoticeable.