In Newport Beach, Orange County there are more than a few residents that may be at a high risk for skin cancer. For example, they may have relatives that have deep lines and creases or overly sun damaged skin can add years on to a person’s appearance by making the skin a deep brown. While there are many types of skin cancer, a growth known as a melanoma is by far the most dangerous.

Melanoma generally appears as a result of people spending too much time in the sun. Excessive sun exposure can cause normal skin cells to become diseased and these abnormal cells can quickly grow out of control and attack the tissues around them. This process is known as metastasizing.

While overexposure to the sun contributes to skin cancer, melanoma growths also tend toward genetic predisposition. Many factors in your family’s background can increase your chances of getting the disease such as atypical lesions or moles. While many moles generally fade into the skin and feature a flat part that is level with the skin. These flat areas may be smooth or scaly and they may look rough. Melanomas also may have an irregular or asymmetrical shape.

Preventing Cancer

Prevention of certain types of cancerous melanoma starts with lifestyle changes. First and foremost, the single best way to prevent melanoma is by reducing your exposure to the sun’s UV rays. These rays are the catalyst for cancerous growth and can turn normal skin into a deep brown. While a certain amount of tanning can sun exposure can be beneficial as a source of vitamin D, long term tanning can cause tissue damage as well as lead to premature aging. Simple solutions such as using hats and sunscreen can go a long way toward preventing many types of skin cancer, including melanoma.

After Diagnosed

Once skin cancer has been diagnosed, there are many treatment options available. Surgical removal, known as excision, of any cancerous cells is the most effective way to treat cancer that has presented on your face. Board certified plastic surgeons in Newport Beach, Orange County have received expert training in removing skin melanoma and increases the chances of a long and happy life.