The Miracle

Since practically the beginning of time, women have been trying to make themselves look younger, revitalized and refreshed. To a woman, there is nothing worse than wrinkles around the eyes that make them appear older than they are, and might give the impression that they are tired and exhausted from everyday life. Because many women experience wrinkles around the eyes after years of building a career, raising children and taking care of the people in their lives, marketing companies have developed hundreds upon hundreds of so-called miracle creams. Many miracle creams contain products that are alleged to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, but the jury is still out on whether these creams are effective or not. One thing that is for certain, the best way to reduce or eliminate wrinkles around the eyes is to speak with Dr. Tavoussi about permanent options that might be available to you.

It is important that people recognize what miracle creams are before deciding if that is the route that they want to go. These topical creams are sold in the cosmetic aisle of pharmacies and department stores around the country. Put simply, that means that miracle creams are a cosmetic item. If these creams truly could produce the same results that medical procedures produce, then the creams would be a prescription drug sold over the counter by a pharmacist. So while, the anti-aging ingredients listed in the cream may have some sort of effect on the appearance of a person’s eyes, chances are it is not going to produce long-lasting permanent results. The best way to achieve younger-looking eyes and a revitalized face is to discuss the different procedures available through Dr. Tavoussi’s office.

The advanced miracle creams on the market today use pentapeptides, which are groups of amino acids that have the ability to be chemical messengers throughout the body. Beauty professionals who develop these products say that there is medical research put into these creams, and they have been shown to work when applied in a wound-healing setting. In addition to pentapeptides, many of the creams that work best include collagen. Collagen provides the support the skin needs to remain firm, which prevents wrinkles and ultimately makes a person look younger. Popular miracle creams that use these tactics include Regenerist by Olay, Principal Secret Reclaim and Wrinkle Relax by DDF.

The Truth

However, while the professionals in the beauty industry claim that there is plenty of research and scientific data put into their products, the medical community often argues that there are no published findings regarding the results these creams produced. This means that the medical community and doctors across the country will not be convinced about the effectiveness of these anti-aging ointments until there is proper research published in a renowned medical journal. On the other hand, plastic surgeons have plenty of research available to prove that they can provide patients with the results they are looking for, and ensure that those results will last a significant amount of time.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is these miracle creams offer patients a quick fix to a problem that took a long time to develop. As the old adage goes, if it sounds too good to be true it probably is too good to be true. People in and around the Wilmington, Delaware area who feel that they look older than they feel, and feel that the aging process is diminishing their self esteem, should take the time to set up a consultation with a board certified facial plastic surgeon. Dr. Tavoussi will discuss the ways that modern medicine and surgical procedures can help them get their youth and beauty back.