Nose jobs rank as one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries available and patients generally expect their first nose job to be nearly perfect. If not perfect, there is still a reasonable expectation of a high-quality result. The initial nose job sometimes results in failures including an overly-sculpted profile, nasal contour irregularities, a nasal tip collapse, and a nasal collapse leading to airway obstruction. Fortunately, there is a procedure to repair a substandard nose job. This corrective procedure, skillfully practiced in Newport Beach, Orange County, is known as a revision rhinoplasty.

Rhinoplasty Procedure Problems

Problems associated with prior rhinoplasty procedures usually affect either the appeal of the nose or nasal function. Prior rhinoplasties may lead to employ innovative surgical techniques in order to restore the nose to its natural form and function. Previous nasal surgeries are sometimes performed without respect to maintaining the vital internal structural components. When addressing these specific conditions, Dr. Tavoussi needs to rebuild the support system of a nose that has been surgically overworked. To build these supportive structures, Dr. Tavoussi will often utilize cartilage from the nose, ear, or even a portion of the rib, in an effort to improve appearance and function.

Repairing other surgeons’ work is a very complex procedure and patients should seek a surgeon with extensive formal training and board certification in this highly-specialized surgical field. There are a wide range of techniques available to fix a nose job such as a functional, or open, approach. Generally, the procedure is performed with the patient under some type of anesthesia. Depending on the type of repair, recovery time may either be short or take longer than usual. It is important that patients enter into a consultation with specific goals in mind and ensure that the surgeon fully comprehends what results are expected.

Although some first time nose jobs do not turn out the way the patient wishes, there is an entire discipline of plastic surgery known as revision rhinoplasty that is designed to restore the natural beauty and function of the nose.