Many facial cosmetic surgery patients do not like the look of their lips. Many people, men and women alike, believe their lips are too thin and want to have a fuller, plumper look. There are as many techniques to lip augmentation surgery as there are unique patients. The methods of lip augmentation are specifically designed to reduce fine lines and wrinkles around the lips while plumping the look around the mouth.


Realistic expectations are important, for the outcomes, depending on a variety of factors, will be different for everyone. Even though injectable fillers or even semi-solid implants can enhance and improve a patient’s natural look, augmentation surgery will not completely transform a person.

Lip augmentation is generally performed using artificial injectable fillers or through a technique known as fat grafting. While synthetic fillers are most commonly used, fat augmentation through grafting provides an option for individuals seeking a more permanent result. Fat augmentation, a popular take on lip augmentation in the Orange County area, provides a soft and natural feel to the lips while maintaining longer-lasting results.

Common Alternatives For Lip Augmentation Include:

Are flaps of collagen created from human corpses, and Dr. Tavoussi inserts them through miniscule incisions on the inside part of the lip. The Alloderm material offers temporary results that may last up to a year. 
Fat Grafting
Is a surgical method that involves inserting the patient’s own fat into the lips to achieve the desired result. While fat grafting leads to more permanent results, this method varies from person to person as fat grafted cells may ultimately be reabsorbed into the body.
Gore-Tex, Soft Form, & Soft ePTFE
Are synthetic materials that are utilized to achieve a permanent result. Unlike the fat graft technique, the patient’s body will not absorb synthetic material. Because these materials are synthetic, there is a small risk of allergic reaction. 
Local Flap Grafts
Are transplant procedures that use tissue from the inside of the mouth. The flap graft is far more invasive than any other technique and is usually the last resort among plastic surgeons for lip augmentation.
Lip augmentation
 Is a popular procedure among patients seeking a fuller lip profile and an overall better facial appearance.