Mini Facelift Alternative

Long-lasting cosmetic procedures such as facelifts can be invasive and lead to long recovery times. Traditional facelifts may take many months before associated bruising and swelling can subside so that the final results can be discerned. However, there are alternatives to the traditional facelift. One of these alternatives is known as the Mini facelift. Also known as “the lunchtime lift,” “the mini-lift,” and many other monikers, a Mini Facelift refers to a procedure that lifts the jowls and neck areas.

This procedure provides many patients with a more defined jaw line while also improving the neck’s contours in order to achieve a smoother and more slender appearance. The procedure generally enhances these facial areas at a lower risk and stress than a traditional facelift would. Recovery time is also reduced with a mini facelift, allowing patients, like the ones in the Orange County area, with busy schedules to heal in less time than they would have with other types of cosmetic surgery. Furthermore, incurred costs of the Mini Facelift is generally much less than the traditional facelift, making it an attractive option for those seeking to look great, but to not break the bank.

Turn Back the Clock

These types of procedures are appropriate for new patients who are just beginning to experience the initial signs of aging, but are apprehensive about a full-blown traditional facelift. While average age of patients varies, typical people who seek out a mini-lift are those in their forties or fifties seeking to correct minor sagging and drooping around the cheeks, jowls, and neck. These Mini Facelifts are relatively new surgical techniques, but have been shown to be effective when addressing the initial signs of aging. With most cosmetic procedures, surgeons aim to “turn back the clock” by enhancing the natural beauty of the patient and restoring the appearances experienced in their youth. Usually the Mini Facelift will provide significant improvements in facial aesthetics that result in more youthful, confident, and fresh physical appearances and an increased sense of self-esteem.