Scars are the visible, inevitable signs that remain after a healed wound. Scars can originate from events such as the results of surgery or even minor injury. Their development can be unpredictable. Poor wound healing may contribute to obvious scars that have an unsightly, or even disfiguring, effect.

Even wounds that heal uniformly can result in a scar that can detrimentally affect a person’s appearance. Scars may become present in two forms: raised or recessed. They may also differentiate in color and may be particularly noticeable due to its size and shape.

Treatment options to mitigate the appearance of scars vary widely and are determined by severity as well as location. Scar revision treatment, a significant treatment within Huntington Beach, to Newport Coast in Orange County, may include minimally invasive procedures, specialized surgical revision techniques, or basic topical treatments. The course of action taken to decrease the appearance of scars will largely depend on the nature of the scar itself. For example, disfiguring scars, such as keloids, widened scars, and thickened hypertrophic scars, may require a combination of these treatment options. Both types can reoccur after surgical removal, but the recurrence of keloid scars is far more common.

Scar Revision Options

The surgical option for scar revision is designed to reduce scar presentation in order to allow for a more consistent blend with a patient’s surrounding skin tone and texture. While these techniques can provide an enhanced aesthetic result, scars can never be completely erased. Many times, simple surface treatments are adequate to reduce the appearance of most scar types. Basically, surface treatments utilize mechanical force to remove the top layers of skin or to change the nature of the tissue. Surface treatment options to remove scar tissue include:

A common method of mechanically polishing the skin.
Laser Therapy:
A procedure that fundamentally causes surface changes that allow new skin to form over the scar.
Chemical Peel:
Synthetic compounds in a solution that penetrate the surface of the skin to soften distortions in texture and color.
Skin Bleaching:
Topical medications applied to lighten the skin and to reduce the appearance of scar tissue.