Unsightly hair growth can become a real problem for both men and women. Sometimes, efforts to remove unwanted hair leave tell-tale bumps, nicks and burns, and the detrimental effects of repeated shaving or waxing. In these cases, a laser hair removal treatment can help solve the problem.

Laser hair removal starts by using a beam of highly concentrated light to penetrate deep hair follicles. This is an extremely popular procedure used to remove unwanted hair. In fact, next to transdermal filler injections, laser hair removal is one of the most commonly performed cosmetic procedures in the U.S.

Laser hair removal, a praised procedure in the Orange County area, is a medical procedure that requires specialized training to perform. Even when performed by specialists, this treatment can have potential risks. Depending on the light source, the patient and technician will need to wear appropriate eye protection and the patient may need to protect the outer layers of their skin using a cool gel. During the procedure, the operator will pulse a light on the treatment area while monitoring the patient for adverse reactions. Generally, treatment time may last from fifteen minutes to an hour.

Recovery Process

When the procedure is completed, patients may be given ice packs, aloe gels, anti-inflammatory creams or lotion, or water to relieve any discomfort and to expedite the recovery process. Follow-up treatments may be scheduled for a month or two after the treatment and further treatments may be given until unwanted hair growth completely stops.

Following the hair removal treatment, the skin will look and feel similar to a mild sunburn for the first few days. Cool compresses and moisturizers will generally help control the pain unless blisters appear. Wearing sunscreen for the first month will help prevent temporary or drastic changes in the pigmentation of the treated skin. Over a period of thirty days, the laser treated hair will fall out, leaving behind smooth skin and no traces of unwanted hair.