A quick, comfortable, and effective way to resurface your skin is the Pixel Skin Resurfacing treatment using the new Harmony Pixel Laser. This treatment can offer patients with similar results to traditional laser treatments. Compared to traditional laser treatments, the Harmony Pixel Laser has reduced recovery time and pain. The Harmony Pixel Laser treatment allows patients to return to work or their normal daily routines the very next day. The Harmony Pixel Laser can be used on a much broader range of the body than traditional treatments. It can be used on the hands, arms, chest neck and face.

The Harmony Pixel laser uses a programmed laser on the targeted areas of the skin. The laser gently removes the outer layers of the damaged skin. The laser’s heat promotes the growth of new skin cells in deeper parts of the skin. The heat also helps the body in the production of collagen. The skin tightens and the texture begins to improve as the collagen forms, leaving healthier looking skin. The Harmony Pixel treatment does not harm the surrounding skin and other body parts. The chance of infection is lower than traditional treatments when using The Harmony Pixel Laser.

The Harmony Pixel Laser can be used for the following procedures:

  • Perform peeling treatments
  • Reduce wrinkles and fine lines
  • Reduce scars caused by acne
  • Perform skin resurfacing

Because the process of skin resurfacing is gradual, treatments are usually done once every three weeks for the best results.

After the treatment

The patient can expect to experience a sensation similar to a mild sun burn, but this typically go away within an hour. A pink like tone will remain for up seven days after the treatment. This is a sign that the skin is healing and is normal with the procedure. Patients can go back to normal routines, such as applying make up or shaving after a recommended small amount of time. New skin starts to form rapidly, in as little as twenty four hours. The skin repair tends to happen in noticeable stages.

Depending on the level of the treatment received, the patient could experience their skin developing a bronze look for up to fourteen days. Natural signs of exfoliation can be seen as the skin works to replace the treated skin. Skin flaking can be a result of the rapid healing. During the healing process it is recommended that patients use sunscreen for protection from the sun. The sunscreen should have a SPF rating of at least thirty.


If you are a person that is seeking a way to help reduce wrinkles, fine lines, or acne scars then you might want to consider a pixel skin resurfacing treatment. Results can be seen in a short amount of time and the treatment is non-invasive. Patients of the treatment usually return to normal every day actives the very next day. Following simple instructions given after the treatment will leave the skin looking young, fresh, and healthy.