High cheekbones are a desirable trait that only genetics or cheek implants can give you. However, even if you are born with cheekbones like Beyonce, gravity will eventually pull your lovely cheekbones down. When this happens, you can try to use makeup to give your cheekbones back some of the depth you have lost, but the only permanent fix is implants. Cheek implants will make shallow, undefined cheekbones into the shape that nature did not.

As you age, your skin loses elasticity. One of the most obvious places you see this is on your face, particularly in saggy cheekbones. Loosening of the skin around the cheekbones makes your features look less defined, and makes you look older. Implants are to raise the projection of the cheeks and adds definition, giving you a more attractive, younger looking face. Cheek implants can also help correct any genetic defects or problems caused by injuries to the face. Even younger patients may get cheek implants to improve the definition and proportions of their face.


Cheek Implant Check List

Before contacting a facial plastic surgeon, consider if you are a good candidate for cheek implant surgery.

You should be the following:

  • In good physical health
  • In good emotional health
  • Not allergic to the material used in implants

If you meet the basic criteria, schedule a consultation with a board certified facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Tavoussi. He will look at your face and let you know what cheek implants can and cannot do for you. It is important to listen closely because your doctor will lay out exactly what can be accomplished with cheek implant surgery and what you should expect for recovery. He can also show you photos of what you will look like with the enhanced definition from cheek implants.


Cheek Implant Surgery Steps

Cheek implant surgery is a relatively simple procedure. Patients are first given anesthesia. Dr. Tavoussi then makes two incisions in the mouth where the upper gums meet the cheeks. He makes a small pocket over the cheekbones to insert the implant. Once the implant is in the correct place, he may use a small screw to attach the implant to bone. Dr. Tavoussi then closes up the incisions with sutures. He then applies a compression bandage.


Recovery from Cheek Implant Surgery

After you have cheek implant surgery, you will need to follow a recovery plan. There will be swelling on your cheeks initially. It may even be a few months before you can see your new cheek definition. You can take medication to handle the pain. A cold compress can also help the swelling. You may also see some bruises and feel a little numb.

For the first few days, you will be on a liquid and soft foods only diet. Simple actions such as smiling, chewing and brushing your teeth may be uncomfortable for a few days postsurgery.

After five days, you can probably go back to work. After a week, your doctor will take your sutures out. Any dissolvable sutures will be gone in approximately 10 days. You will need to protect your face from impact for about a month.

In some cases, medical conditions may make cheek implants a bad idea for certain people. In this case, Dr. Tavoussi may be able to give you a filler injection instead. Fillers are also a good option if you are not ready for cheek implants.


Makeup Tips

With or without cheek implants, you can give yourself the appearance of more sculpted cheekbones, which also makes your face look thinner. One way is to apply a mauve blush to the apples of your cheeks. Apply a dab of light pink lip balm on a spot high on your cheekbones.

Another makeup trick is to apply a foundation a shade or two darker than your skin tone to the area underneath your cheekbones. Add a small amount of highlighter along the top ridge of your cheekbone. If you blend the foundation and highlighter well, this trick gives you a more natural look than a powder blush. Use a little blush on the apple of your cheeks to finish the job.

High cheekbones are simply sexy. They could be yours with only a phone call.

If you are considering facial plastic surgery in The philadelphia or Cherry Hill, NJ area and would like to find out more about facial procedures including cheek augmentation, speak to a board certified facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Tavoussi, to discuss your options.