Your body changes as you age, and this includes your nose. Gravity pulls on the nose, which may make it look droopy. Maybe your nose seems too big, or you notice embarrassing bumps you wish you could hide. The good news is that the right hairstyle and makeup tricks can enhance the appearance of your nose, making it look slimmer and more youthful. Simple surgical procedures can also lift a droopy nose and eliminate bumps.

Droopy Nose

To correct a drooping nose, schedule an appointment with a board certified facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Tavoussi, in Huntington Beach, Orange County. He may be able to use a simple injection of a hyaluronic acid dermal filler to fix the droop. Hyaluronic acid acts as a cushion to tissues that lose elasticity and volume. The injections may also free muscles you use to smile, which contribute to a droopy nose. You can also use makeup to reduce the appearance of a droopy nose. Apply a foundation one to two tones darker than your skin tone to the tip of your nose and blend. This tip makes your nose look shorter. If you need a bigger fix, rhinoplasty can always fix a nose droop. The procedure involves strengthening the structures in the nose that keep the tip up. This prevents gravity from pulling the nose back down.

Big Nose

It may seem as if your nose grows in size as you age. Although in actually this is a myth, your nose may still look bigger because of the aging process. Rhinoplasty can make your nose slimmer and smaller, but there are other cosmetic tips to consider. Make your nose look smaller by shading around the bridge of your nose and nostrils. Apply a darker foundation with sponge brushes. You can also take a foundation that is one to two shades darker than your skin and apply it with a brush, starting at the inner corners of your eyebrows and down to your nostrils. Put a small amount of lighter foundation on the tip of your nose. The makeup creates a slimming effect. You can also cut your hair to be more flattering. Styles that create softness around the face, particularly the forehead, and that draw attention away from the middle of your face work best. Layers with bangs create softness around the face. Bangs and waves that flow away from your face also draw attention away from your nose. You can also try a high style without bangs to bring attention to your eyes and forehead.


Over time, the tissues and structures at the tip of your nose can weaken and lead to a bump in the nose. Makeup can give the appearance of straightness to a bumpy nose. Apply a dark foundation down the center of your nose and over the bump. A quick cosmetic fix is injecting a filler both above and below a bump. This raises the area around the bump so the nose becomes straighter. This can also help make a nose appear smaller. Sometimes fillers are not quite enough to alleviate a bump or you may prefer a more long term solution. Rhinoplasty permanently fixes the problem by placing cartilage into the nose to straight it out. A facial plastic surgeon in Orange County may also shave the tip of the nose.

Makeup offers you a way to camouflage imperfections without a semipermanent or permanent change. However, this means constant upkeep and sometimes the makeup just is not enough. Injectable fillers are often a better option because you only have to have them done periodically, such as every couple of years. Fillers will not fix your nose forever though. You will have to return to get more as frequently as necessary. In some cases, surgery is more effective for achieving the look you want.


If makeup is not doing the trick, consult a hair stylist and a facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Tavoussi, in Orange County. A stylist can show you pictures of what you will look like with a different hair style. Dr. Tavoussi can also show you pictures of what you would look like after a nose job. These pictures will give you the confidence to know you are making the right decision before making drastic changes.